About Us

The Covidometer is consistently engaged in reporting of Corona Virus Disease or COVID-19. It is declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Most of the countries are currently suffering from this virus, which has taken the shape of a crisis. 

Covidometer constructively collects, surveys, authenticate, and sums up data from a multitude of sources simultaneously by reporting live. We furnish Live stats of COVID-19 around the world. For the broad segment of global audiences, our COVID states are readily available, which can be sorted upon Country, Territory, or Conveyance. Our statistical figures are reliable and are trusted by various Institutions and News reporting platforms. 

We provide precise coronavirus stats in the form of graphic visualization. We present these figures along with percentage analysis. Our entire research data and displays are free for use by everyone for various purposes.

The Way We Work

We gather data published by the World Health Organization (WHO) and process it into meaningful statistical information 24 hours round the clock, all seven days of the week. Typically, several updates are carried out every minute by the Covidometer team. Our team comprises of expert researchers and analysts.

The team has the significant responsibility of authenticating the data derived from a mounting list of sources. We do this by the continuous reporting of informants. When anything is officially announced anywhere across the world, such informants notify us as early as possible. So can we can provide an update of every minute.

Our Sources and Approach

We gather data from various official and other sources, the primary one among these is WHO data. Our official sources comprise of Official Websites of Ministries of Health, official websites of other Government Institutions, and social media accounts of various Government authorities. However, the national data figures often lag behind the data figures of regional and local health departments. To streamline this, we take note of thousands of daily reports that are released by regional or local authorities. We have a multilingual team that continuously tracks the live streams of various press briefings straight from day-to-night. 

Sometimes, we make use of some selected leading and trustworthy news agencies. Those agencies have a justified background of accurate communicating and reporting. They report the data that is officially announced by the Governments in live press conferences, even before it gets published on the Official Websites of the Government.

Reporting Issues

We face an increasing number of issues in reporting every day. Some major ones of such problems are alterations or retractions of figures by official governmental channels or publicizing conflicting data on different official outlets. Often, National or State figures have old or incomplete data compared to regional or local (like in the US) government’s reports. Hence, we try to make it up by gathering the missing data and maintaining figures that are correct and prompt.

Further, the actual count of cases is likely to be much higher than the number of confirmed cases due to the limitation of testing. So the viewers should keep in mind that those countries who do minimal testing, for them the actual total count of cases, can be far greater than the shown count of confirmed cases.