Covid-19 China Statistics

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06 Feb 2023, 8:45 AM (GMT)

503,302 Total Cases
5,272 Death Cases
379,053 Recovered

COVID-19 Case Stats In China

The COVID-19 virus originated in the Wuhan area of Hubei Province in China. The first case of the virus was reported on 17th November 2019, as a 55-year person from Wuhan was tested positive for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). By 25th December, some of Wuhan’s medical staff was diagnosed with the infection, and it was established that to prevent a spread, doctors and nurses needed to wear protective gear.

Information to the WHO

China informed the WHO office in the country on 31st December 2019. By this time, the number of infected people had reached 266. On 11th January, the first death case was reported by China. Scientists and doctors said that the virus-infected humans after they came in contact with a bat at a wildlife market in the city. Eating wild animals in China was banned.

China is the world’s most populated country, with more than 1.42 billion people living there. On 23rd January, due to the increasing number of cases, the government imposed restrictions on travel to the city of Wuhan. The city is home to over 11 million people.

Public Health Emergency

On 30th January, WHO declared COVID-19 as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. With so many people infected, the government had to build two temporary hospitals in the province and one at an exhibition center. It led to an increase of more than 2000 beds; the motto was to increase the province’s hospitalization capacity.

On 19th March, there were no new cases reported in China. Health workers finally felt that this was the end of the outbreak in the country. The death has already reached 3245. By 23rd March, China removed lockdown and other restrictions from most areas, except Wuhan. As China recovered from the outbreak and other countries were grappled with increasing cases, the Chinese government decided to rescue its citizens abroad. Soon, there were 951 cases of infected people, and the National Health Commission or NHC put Beijing, the capital city of China, under lockdown to avoid the spread of the virus. This was the second wave of the pandemic.

Current Scenario

On 5th April, the death toll in the country increased to 3331. On 23rd April 2020, US District Court Missouri filed a case against the Chinese government for hiding the seriousness of the outbreak from the world. The total number of cases in China has reached 82,798. Out of these, 77,207 cases resulted in recovery, and 4,632 resulted in death. A total of 959 cases are still active and under medical observation and strict isolation.