Covid-19 Heat World Heat Map - Lite Version



The first case of coronavirus or COVID-19 was reported in the Wuhan city of China, in November 2019. Since then, the disease has been spreading rapidly and is now a pandemic.
From China, the virus has spread to multiple other nations within a few months. By 23rd April, 213 countries worldwide are affected by COVID-19. A total of 2 million people have tested positive, and 192125 people have lost their lives to this pandemic.
The USA, Spain, Italy, and France are the most affected countries. The community spread in the USA resulted due to delays in testing and implementation of containment measures in time.

WHO's Role

The World Health Organization has been working day and night to analyze the data and provide advice. The organization has been helping the nations to prepare for the pandemic. It is also increasing the supplies needed to fight the spread of the virus and is managing expert networks.
To keep the people safe from the infection, WHO released a list of safety measures that each individual should follow to protect themselves from the virus.
It has also started a joint effort with ITU and UNICEF to provide all vital information about health to the people who have no access to the internet.
People having access to internet connectivity, the WHO website is providing regular updates on the COVID-19 pandemic and is also guiding people on how to protect themselves from the infection.

Countries safe from Coronavirus

There are no countries that are safe from the virus. North Korea, however, claims to have no active cases of COVID-19. WHO has stated four levels of risks. “No reported risk level” and “limited community spread” are the least severe risk levels. Unfortunately, no country in the world comes in the last two levels of risk. 

The virus heat map is an excellent way to analyze the extent of the infection worldwide. 

The trend of the Pandemic

The total number of positive cases worldwide is much lower than the count being shown. The main reason behind this is the lack of testing kits. It took around three months for the total confirmed cases to reach 500,000. Towards the end of March, the rate increased drastically, and currently, we have more than 2.5 million confirmed cases worldwide. Every country is now trying its best to bend this curve and bring it down to 0.
The death rate was slow towards the beginning of 2020. As soon as the number of cases started to increase the death rate also went up. The curve has been fluctuating since then and reached its peak at the beginning of April.