Number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the UK

06 Feb 2023, 9:14 AM (GMT)

United Kingdom

24,293,752 Total Cases
204,898 Death Cases
24,036,949 Recovered

COVID-19 Case Stats In The UK

The Case Statistics

The UK government unveiled a Coronavirus Action Plan to protect the citizen from the outbreak that led to so many deaths worldwide. As of 23rd April 2020, 138,078 cases reported in the UK. A total of 18,738 cases have resulted in death, and there have been no recoveries. In late January, in the city of York UK, the first COVID-19 case in the UK was identified. On 5th March, the early mortality by the virus reported. It has been observed that are 250 death per million people.

The Nationwide Lockdown

The number of cases increased in February. Out of the total cases, 102221 were reported in England, 9409 in Scotland, 8358 in Wales, and 3016 in Northern Ireland. The capital city, London, has observed the highest number of cases i.e., 22767. The highest death toll has been recorded in England and Wales.
The death rate is lowest in Northern Ireland at 263 cases. 6,393 cases have been reported in West Midlands, 5393 in Greater Manchester, 2371 in Hampshire, 2174 in Greater Glasglow and Clyde, and 1,483 in Cardiff.

Current Scenario

Prime Minister Boris Johnson put the country under strict lockdown on 23rd March. Pubs, restaurants, schools, gyms, etc. were closed by the government. Restrictions were imposed on public gatherings and going out of the house for anything other than essential tasks. Police were given emergency powers under the Coronavirus Act 2020 to enforce the stay-at-home orders. These powers were not used since the Second World War.
While healthcare in the UK is very efficient, fighting with a shortage of supplies, staff, and hospital beds during the outbreak is regarded as a challenge by the National Health Service. Patients already occupied the hospitals in the UK by the time people started getting infected by the virus. A convention center in London was turned into a hospital to hospitalize over 4000 patients.