Covid-19 France Statistics​

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06 Feb 2023, 10:12 AM (GMT)

39,533,323 Total Cases
164,286 Death Cases
39,288,720 Recovered

COVID-19 Case Stats In France

The first confirmed case of Sars Cov-2 declared in France on 24th January 2020 in Bordeaux. This case was also the first confirmed COVID-19 case in Europe. According to the reports, the first 5 cases of Coronavirus reported in France were all individuals who had recently traveled to China. On 14th February, the death of a Chinese tourist hospitalized in Paris marked as the first COVID-19 demise in this region. And since then, the death toll has been rapidly increasing.

The Starting Point

A significant event held responsible for this booming outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in France is the annual assembly of the Christian outdoor Church that took place between 17th to 24th February in Mulhouse. A total of about 2500 coronavirus cases in France are due to this event. In the last week of February, the Lombardy region of France also noticed a hike in the coronavirus cases, resulting in the decision to seal off many locales in this region. On 12th March, the French President Emmanuel Macron appeared on the television screens of people to announce the closing of all schools and universities from 16th March. Then on the very next day, all public gatherings of more than 100 people, excluding public transport, were banned by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. Following day, all the non-essential public places like cafes, restaurants, movie theatres, etc. were also closed off until further announcement. On 16th March, when France had a total case count of 5380 Sars Cov-2 confirmed cases and 127 deaths, the French President announced a mandatory shutdown of 15 days to control the virus’s outbreak, and all the citizens were requested to stay at home. While announcing the lockdown, he declared that the people of France were at war with an invisible and elusive enemy. From then on, people were confined to their homes and were not allowed to step out, except for necessary work like for attending medical appointments.

The Lockdown

After 16th March, because of the increased pace of the spread of the virus, the lockdown has been extended twice, until 11th May. As per the reports, it was on 14th April when France reported a total case count of confirmed infections exceeding 1,00,000 for the first time. As per the present data, on 24th April, this count stands at 128k for confirmed cases and more than 21k for reported deaths. France is right now the 4th country to surpass the 20k figure in terms of COVID-19 deaths.

However, there is a silver lining in this entire crisis for France. As per the authorities, the worst is slowly receding, and the new hospitalizations are recoding a slow decline. It is the first victory of France against the Sars Cov-2 pandemic.

For a long time, this country had the highest death toll compared with all over the world, which is now exceeded by the US. Italy is now receiving fewer cases than the US but still comes in the top 5 affected nations.


Current Scenario

The death toll in Italy on 22nd April rose to 25085, the second-highest in the world. These are just the numbers recorded at hospitals; the people that died at home and were taken care of by their families may not be reported to authorities. The number of daily fatalities has decreased in the country. Yet, it is the 3rd most COVID-19 affected countries of the world. As published on 23rd April, there have been 187,327 cases officially reported in Italy. Total recovered cases were 54,543. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is actively trying to prepare the country to fight the battle between humans and SARS-Cov2 further. By 23rd April the country had tested more than 1 million of its citizens for Coronavirus out of the total 60 million.