Hospitals in United States of America (USA )

As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff are risking their lives to treat ill patients in this dire situation.

Coronavirus outbreak has led to an increase in the need for hospitalization. During this battle between humans and the virus, medical staff of the world i.e., the doctors and nurses, are toiling day and night to save the people. Despite the risk that they and their families are exposed to when they are working during the pandemic, medical staff have willingly decided to treat patients to ensure that they show recovery.

Fact Sheet

As of April 20th, 2020, the number of cases in the USA has reached 764,265. Out of these 40,565 and 71,012 have recovered. The total number of 652,688 cases are still active and are suffering from varying levels of COVID-19 symptoms. They need medical assistance to survive the effects of the virus. Without an available vaccine for the virus, doctors and nurses are finding it challenging to facilitate and treat the increasing numbers of infected people.

There are a total of around 6,146 hospitals in the USA. Together, these hospitals are capable of bedding 924,107 patients at a time. On March 15th, Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, said that 50% of hospitals in the city were busy before the virus infected the people. On April 20th, New York had the highest number of cases, i.e., 247,215.

The doctors and beds available are 2.6 per 1000 of the population. Texas is the 10th most-affected state of the nation and has the highest number of hospitals. Amongst the top 10 affected areas, there are 407 hospitals in Texas, 341 in California, 186 in Florida, 180 in Illinois, 172 in New York, 170 in Pennsylvania, 131 in Michigan, 122 in Louisiana, 66 in New Jersey, and 64 in Massachusetts.

According to 323 hospital interviews conducted between 23rd-27th March by the Department of Health and Human Services, it has come to public knowledge that hospitals are running short on the excellent medical staff, available protective gear like masks, and testing and treatment supplies. In Illinois, California, and New York, testing is only being conducted on people with acute respiratory problems to avoid using available testing kits.

These shortcomings of the USA health department have led to such severe conditions. Hospitals are taking measures to prepare for the pandemic to hold the sector together and optimize the available resources.

If you have observed any of the COVID-19 symptoms in yourself or a family member, you need to contact your nearest hospital immediately. To help you find a hospital in your area, we have compiled a list of hospitals located in 50 US states. We have incorporated the hospital address, email address, and contact number in the list for your convenience.