Covid-19 Iran Statistics​

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06 Feb 2023, 10:46 AM (GMT)

7,564,756 Total Cases
144,757 Death Cases
7,337,826 Recovered

COVID-19 Case Stats In Iran

Since the first case of Sars Cov 19 reported in China on 17th November, the number of infected people worldwide as rapidly increased. Countries worldwide are struggling to fight this virus, and the case in Iran, as not different. During this pandemic, Iran as reported first confirmed COVID-19 case on 19th February 2020 in Qom. Reportedly, thesee two Coronavirus positives people, both of whom had died later that day. It discovered was merchant who had recently traveled to China.

Closing of the Schools

Since then, the coronavirus cases have escalated rapidly in Iran. By 29th February, the COVID-19 case count in Iran had reached 593, while recorded deaths were total 43. To combat the virus, the government of Iran decided to close schools and shopping centers, cancel public events and Friday prayers, and discouraged festival celebrations. The people were requested to stay at home. The government also announced some economic packages to support the businesses and families. However, a total shut down not imposed on the country because of financial pressure. But people took advantage of this and did not pay heed to the government’s advice. They continued to travel ahead of Nowruz. As result, the government has no choice other than to announce a ban on inter-city travel. Then, later on, 4th April, a nationwide lockdown was imposed in Iran to check the citizens for Coronavirus.

WHO Data

According to data released by WHO, the total number, of COVID-19 confirmed cases in Iran stood at 14,991, while recorded deaths are 853. On 10th April, Iran stood at 8th position to register the highest number of COVID-19 cases in world, and that 6th rank in terms of recorded deaths. Reportedly, Iran is worst affected nation in middle-east. However, many sources claim that figures are wrong and the actual number of infected and dead people. On 11th April, after short shutdown, to control the spread of virus, the lockdown sanctions were lifted by authorities. Offices outside Tehran were reopened, while those in Tehran were advised to remain close for another week. According to data, after lifting these lockdown, their Republic of Iran, on 24th April, has total number of 88,194 confirmed cases, 5575 deaths, and 66,599 recovered cases.