Covid-19 Italy Statistics​

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06 Feb 2023, 9:45 AM (GMT)

4,695,403 Total Cases
33,582 Death Cases
4,649,211 Recovered

COVID-19 Case Stats In Italy

On 31st January, 2 Chinese tourists in Rome, tested positive for Covi-19 at the Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute. After the spread of the virus in China, the US, and Japan, this was the first case diagnosed positive in Italy. The government suspended all flights that were going to and coming from China. A week later, an Italian man who had traveled to Wuhan tested positive.


Stay in Orders

The government enforced a stay-at-home order to prevent the spread of the outbreak on the 9th March 2020. Over 60 million people were locked down when the emergency was declared. Except for essentials like pharmacies and grocery shops, every other shop was closed on government orders on 11th March. On 20th March, 627 infected people in Italy, died on the same day. It was by far the highest number of deaths on a day by the virus. Total 5986 new cases were recorded on the same day. By 21st March the government put restrictions on all industrials except those that manufactured essential goods.

The Challenge for the Healthcare

Italy is known to have a world-class healthcare system. The population in Italy is 60,461,826, and the healthcare system is ranked the second-best in the world, after France. The pandemic shook the healthcare system to its roots, as no vaccine or medication was available to help the infected patients. For a long time, the country had the highest death toll around the world, and unfortunately, the USA has surpassed it. Italy is now receiving fewer cases than the US but still comes in the top 5 affected nations.

Current Scenario

The death toll in Italy on 22nd April rose to 25085, the second-highest in the world. These are just the numbers recorder at hospitals; the people that died at home and were taken care of by their families have not been reported. The number of daily fatalities has decreased in the country. Yet, it is the 3rd most COVID-19 affected countries of the world. As published on 23rd April, there have been 187,327 cases officially reported in Italy. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is actively trying to further prepare the country for the battle between humans and SARS-Cov2. By 23rd April the country had tested more than 1 million of its citizens for Coronavirus out of the total 60 million.