Covid-19 Spain Statistics​

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26 May 2022, 10:26 AM (GMT)

12,280,345 Total Cases
106,105 Death Cases
11,679,931 Recovered

COVID-19 Case Stats In Spain

On January 31st, the first COVID-19 case was detected in Spain when a German tourist in the Canary Islands tested positive. By mid-February, the country had reached the third stage of the pandemic, as community transmission was now taking place. As of today, April 23rd, there are 213,024 cases in Spain. A total of 89,250 infected people have recovered, and 22,157 cases resulted in death. And 101,617 cases are still active and being treated in the country.

Countrywide Lockdown

On March 13th, 2020, it was declared that there were positive cases reported in all the 50 provinces of Spain. After this announcement, the government on March 14th. Ordered countrywide locked-down, the number of cases rose to 39,673. More than 13% of the infected people were the country’s healthcare professionals. Lack of protective gear in the country was reported as the cause behind danger to the lives of health workers serving the people during the outbreak. On April 2nd, 15000, health workers had been infected. Spain is the only country where the number of doctors infected is more than 10% of the cases.

Current Scenario

On March 25th, the death toll in Spain was 2696, which was more than that of China. 650,000 testing kits were distributed to residential staff to increase the rate of virus detection. Almost a third of the total cases were reported in Madrid. The cavernous Ifema conference center was turned into a field hospital with 5500 beds. On March 31st, there were 9222 new cases registered in one day. After an increase of 4,635 in the number of positive evidence from 22nd-23rd April, Spain’s Health Ministry in Madrid gave a full report of the condition. There are 60,487 cases in Madrid, 44,892 cases in Catalonia, 13,436 cases in the Basque Country, and 11,845 in Andalusia.

Start of Gradual Reopening

With the death rate in the country slowly decreasing after it peaked on April 2nd with 950 deaths in one day, people are hopeful that the worst of the pandemic has passed. The entire country is on board with the idea of increasing the lockdown till May 9th. However, children will be let out of home for some time from April 27th. Barcelona Bicycling services have also been opened for the people. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has shown confidence that by the second half of May, the country has improved conditions.